Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Mother

I opened my eyes, while she held me in her arms
I smiled slowly, when she touched my cheeks with her loving palms
She taught me to make home out of a house of sand
I learned to stand still while holding her hand
She taught me to be happy and positive,
Through good or bad times
She is the one who taught me that in any successful relation,
Understanding is prime
I can never repay, from her so much I borrow
She gave me all the joys n kept away the sorrows
She does it all alone, never any help she seek
She held us together working hard, although even when she was weak
Love and only love, never anything else she sought
To make our lives better, very hard she has fought
The nights spent by her in eyes, praying for us
I can never forget
I can never revert as I owe to her a lot
I love her the most in the world
To me, she is like my God!!
She is the most beautiful lady
I have ever come across
Her smile, that takes away all my tensions, is sweet like sucrose
Of all the lovely flowers on Earth,
Only she is my Rose
She is a living poetry and she is my prose
I can never ask God in life, for anything else better
He has made it best for me already
By providing me such a lovely Mother!!
Mom!!I love you and will love you always
This small poem is a dedication to you
From your own Shadow, your daughter......

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