Friday, 16 March 2012


For what reason, you broke my heart,
Tell me, what reason made you to flirt
With me, my innocent love and soul...
Memories of that love
Moments of that lovely time
Drain out my mind, my thoughts
Drench my heart and soul
Shake my feelings, cut me away
From the world else...
For a moment, made me
Nervous as a whole...
What reasons took you away
What reasons insist you to play
With me, my love and my feelings
Those were not made for anyone and everyone
Those were only for you...
I can't pass them to else somebody...
I cannot, but you may
Think of them as professional dealings
Today in yours, tomorrow in some other hands
I can't sell them, cannot even lend
Pure is my love & so are my feelings...
They were played with
Then hurt and broke...
Now need some pampering,
For they need healing
But they are not changed yet
And can't be healed in a sec
As they are real
And not merely a joke...
But then, my love needs you
To give the reasons
For whatever you did
As for that,
I do not have any single clue
One lie can break our relationship
But, if your love, your heart
And your feeling for me are not fake
Then for once, tell me everything true
As only truth, one truth
Can make my heart and me
To break all the walls in between
And come to you...
To delete away from your love
That 'fake' blot
Once and now, say truth
You really love me or not
Only that can make us truly "one"
And leave no space for fission
But then, that needs, my love
No lie, only truth
Only true and
Some untold reasons....