Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Sitting on the seashore of memories
Ebb & flow of past thoughts touch my heart
Golden moments of passed time drench my soul wholly
And they carry me away...to merge with eternity
Ethical, mythical spiral gyrates of time re-stamp
Time past may never come back
But history has a lesson for us to teach
Our individual sorrows may be Great
Greater still is the force of life
It washes us away to realize
There may be times, when we are selfish...
There may be times, when we are selfless...
Thoroughly mixed is the hued color of life
There are times of tears
And times of sorrow
And times of sunshine too
For life is open-ended
We are mere spectators.......

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Standing All Alone!!!!

Roads are narrowing,
Earth with sky’s merging
Standing on this lovely horizon,
I’m feeling alone!!!
What have I gained….
What has been lost by me......
I'm thinking over n over,
Standing on this strange horizon,
For what I’ve been born.....

Passed those days
When with some nice friends
With hands in hands
I was walking for hours
On empty-busy strands
To spend with each other,
Then, we have had ample time…
But, now the time has been changed
Now we all are so-called busy
With our lives....
Or may be struggling
With our strayed minds....
Which is still lost in those memories,
And still wants to roam on....and on
But today, memories are a passé
And feelings have gone
And I am thinking
Standing unconscious on this unknown horizon
Why the stars are dimming…..
Where has the moonlight gone…..
Where the moments have lost….
How can, so fast, the time move on
Lots of queries remaining
But the answers bygone
I can see everything,
But the structure of future, the shades of past…
All of us and the lost lonely path
I don’t know what the next moment is going to be
And what the tomorrow holds for me
But at this point of time
I know the one and only thing
That this horizon is lovely
And this is my companion
That’s why,  with this lonely horizon
Searching for my soul
I m standing here.............. ALL ALONE!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Mother

I opened my eyes, while she held me in her arms
I smiled slowly, when she touched my cheeks with her loving palms
She taught me to make home out of a house of sand
I learned to stand still while holding her hand
She taught me to be happy and positive,
Through good or bad times
She is the one who taught me that in any successful relation,
Understanding is prime
I can never repay, from her so much I borrow
She gave me all the joys n kept away the sorrows
She does it all alone, never any help she seek
She held us together working hard, although even when she was weak
Love and only love, never anything else she sought
To make our lives better, very hard she has fought
The nights spent by her in eyes, praying for us
I can never forget
I can never revert as I owe to her a lot
I love her the most in the world
To me, she is like my God!!
She is the most beautiful lady
I have ever come across
Her smile, that takes away all my tensions, is sweet like sucrose
Of all the lovely flowers on Earth,
Only she is my Rose
She is a living poetry and she is my prose
I can never ask God in life, for anything else better
He has made it best for me already
By providing me such a lovely Mother!!
Mom!!I love you and will love you always
This small poem is a dedication to you
From your own Shadow, your daughter......

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Path of Life

When You walk on the path of life
You may be content,
With some of its aspects
And to make some moments fulfilling
You have to strive..
Life may present you
Some turns with tough times,
And at others, with joy...

What you need to do to endure all
Along the entire path
Is to act smart , be patient and enjoy...
As the clock runs at its own pace
The God of Time can gift you
With Hidden Treasures of Happiness
But, at some points
He may also put you
Through the rough phase
Just be self-confident throughout
And never turn off your face...
Just be honest with yourself
And also be diligent
Without making a fuss,
Just try n enjoy every moment....
Time may create
The ripples of distraction
And You may have to work hard
Till that unaltered satisfaction...
Learn from each and every opportunity
Face everything with poise and humility..
Whether the stones may be big,
Hard, and eveytime new,
Just wear the smiling face ever,
And Just Be Like YOU!!!!!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A new me

Standing on the verge of road,
I’m searching for my ground
Trying to look upon my destiny,
Walking alone on this path
Making efforts to solve a puzzle
Listening to the purple sound
Walking past the blowing winds
I’m ready to read my soul’s hints
To search for my path again….
I’m just a little bewildered
By the turns of situations
But still I am what I am
Not losing n going insane
Will make my destiny,
Follow me some day
I still have the spark in me
And with the belief on myself
Will turn the situations around…..
Have taken a lot
It’s time for a return round
I will come back with a bang
Wait for me guys
Try to remember n not forget me
Or you may find a problem
To recognise and accept
A new me……..

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Promise!!!

She dressed in white
With all love and care
Walking down the aisle
Where they last promised to meet
And share their life...
In the hope to see him dressed handsomely in black
Ready to take those sacred seven vows
Dreaming about the day
And the time they had spent together
Time when they started liking each others' choices
When their dreams became one
Thinking about those lovely dreams
Where they thought of a home and a life together
To spend there on...
With all love and candour
And with a feeling that bounded them together
She thought of the white sand
Where hand in hand, they'll walk
Like a beautiful couple
Her eyes twinkled, her cheeks blushed
And her sky turned pink
But, she can saw nobody waiting there
To hold her hand
To share those sacred vows
She proceeded in a hurry
Searching for him in every nook n corner
But he had left her alone...
She tried to contact him by every means
But could not reach him
She felt alone in the world...
The colors of love gone pale
And her feelings had dried
She was deeply hurt, certainly
But her eyes never cried
She thought of those happy moments
Which they had shared together
When she gifted him, her trust and compassion
And gifted him with her soul n smile...
When he made promises, to be by her side
To hold her hand for the lifetime...
But now, she has no one's hand to hold
No one to be with her
Emotions touched her heart
A desolation took over
Her trust was betrayed,
And her dreams were lost
Her heart broke and feelings shattered
She felt strange in her heart...
But stood still there,
Where they promised to see each other
To wait for him to return...
She still trusts his promises, his intentions
Never knowing the reasons for this betrayal,
Having no hopes for the contentions...
Standing on this edge of hope, trust, love & uncertainty
She is still waiting for him, breathless...
In the hope,
That her love can never die out
And it will finally win over them
And win over those untold reasons......

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Sweet Friend!!!!!

With everybody gone I’m left only with you
                                         When nobody standing beside me, I found you
With nobody waiting, I saw you looking for me
Nobody’s hand to hold, then you supported me
You are not my pillar of strength
Not even any inspiration
You are just a sweet friend
Always there for me...
You are a comfortable touch
When I need to hug someone tightly
I need not frame sentences for you
While pouring my heart out
You can understand my tears
You understood my smiles
You can sit by my side to hold me
Or can walk with me for miles
You are not my love of life
Not any divine creation
But a sweet friend of mine
Always there for me....
I can be what I am
Whenever with you
I don’t feel the need to pretend
While talking to you
I may be gone away from you
Or you may be settled elsewhere
But I can say one thing for sure
You will always remember me
As a nice friend of yours
And I will always hope to see you once more
You are not my lost love
Not any magic or science
But, you are
And always will be
My sweet friend
Always there for me... :)