Monday, 26 September 2011

The Path of Life

When You walk on the path of life
You may be content,
With some of its aspects
And to make some moments fulfilling
You have to strive..
Life may present you
Some turns with tough times,
And at others, with joy...

What you need to do to endure all
Along the entire path
Is to act smart , be patient and enjoy...
As the clock runs at its own pace
The God of Time can gift you
With Hidden Treasures of Happiness
But, at some points
He may also put you
Through the rough phase
Just be self-confident throughout
And never turn off your face...
Just be honest with yourself
And also be diligent
Without making a fuss,
Just try n enjoy every moment....
Time may create
The ripples of distraction
And You may have to work hard
Till that unaltered satisfaction...
Learn from each and every opportunity
Face everything with poise and humility..
Whether the stones may be big,
Hard, and eveytime new,
Just wear the smiling face ever,
And Just Be Like YOU!!!!!


  1. Hey frnds...hv nt written smthng since here i am wid a brief account of everyday's life...Hope u wil enjoy