Sunday, 23 October 2011

Standing All Alone!!!!

Roads are narrowing,
Earth with sky’s merging
Standing on this lovely horizon,
I’m feeling alone!!!
What have I gained….
What has been lost by me......
I'm thinking over n over,
Standing on this strange horizon,
For what I’ve been born.....

Passed those days
When with some nice friends
With hands in hands
I was walking for hours
On empty-busy strands
To spend with each other,
Then, we have had ample time…
But, now the time has been changed
Now we all are so-called busy
With our lives....
Or may be struggling
With our strayed minds....
Which is still lost in those memories,
And still wants to roam on....and on
But today, memories are a passé
And feelings have gone
And I am thinking
Standing unconscious on this unknown horizon
Why the stars are dimming…..
Where has the moonlight gone…..
Where the moments have lost….
How can, so fast, the time move on
Lots of queries remaining
But the answers bygone
I can see everything,
But the structure of future, the shades of past…
All of us and the lost lonely path
I don’t know what the next moment is going to be
And what the tomorrow holds for me
But at this point of time
I know the one and only thing
That this horizon is lovely
And this is my companion
That’s why,  with this lonely horizon
Searching for my soul
I m standing here.............. ALL ALONE!!!!!


  1. Were you high on weed the time you wrote this, aye? ;)

  2., nthng like that, wrote it long ago...