Saturday, 20 August 2011

A new me

Standing on the verge of road,
I’m searching for my ground
Trying to look upon my destiny,
Walking alone on this path
Making efforts to solve a puzzle
Listening to the purple sound
Walking past the blowing winds
I’m ready to read my soul’s hints
To search for my path again….
I’m just a little bewildered
By the turns of situations
But still I am what I am
Not losing n going insane
Will make my destiny,
Follow me some day
I still have the spark in me
And with the belief on myself
Will turn the situations around…..
Have taken a lot
It’s time for a return round
I will come back with a bang
Wait for me guys
Try to remember n not forget me
Or you may find a problem
To recognise and accept
A new me……..

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