Friday, 20 May 2011

The Promise!!!

She dressed in white
With all love and care
Walking down the aisle
Where they last promised to meet
And share their life...
In the hope to see him dressed handsomely in black
Ready to take those sacred seven vows
Dreaming about the day
And the time they had spent together
Time when they started liking each others' choices
When their dreams became one
Thinking about those lovely dreams
Where they thought of a home and a life together
To spend there on...
With all love and candour
And with a feeling that bounded them together
She thought of the white sand
Where hand in hand, they'll walk
Like a beautiful couple
Her eyes twinkled, her cheeks blushed
And her sky turned pink
But, she can saw nobody waiting there
To hold her hand
To share those sacred vows
She proceeded in a hurry
Searching for him in every nook n corner
But he had left her alone...
She tried to contact him by every means
But could not reach him
She felt alone in the world...
The colors of love gone pale
And her feelings had dried
She was deeply hurt, certainly
But her eyes never cried
She thought of those happy moments
Which they had shared together
When she gifted him, her trust and compassion
And gifted him with her soul n smile...
When he made promises, to be by her side
To hold her hand for the lifetime...
But now, she has no one's hand to hold
No one to be with her
Emotions touched her heart
A desolation took over
Her trust was betrayed,
And her dreams were lost
Her heart broke and feelings shattered
She felt strange in her heart...
But stood still there,
Where they promised to see each other
To wait for him to return...
She still trusts his promises, his intentions
Never knowing the reasons for this betrayal,
Having no hopes for the contentions...
Standing on this edge of hope, trust, love & uncertainty
She is still waiting for him, breathless...
In the hope,
That her love can never die out
And it will finally win over them
And win over those untold reasons......