Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Sweet Friend!!!!!

With everybody gone I’m left only with you
                                         When nobody standing beside me, I found you
With nobody waiting, I saw you looking for me
Nobody’s hand to hold, then you supported me
You are not my pillar of strength
Not even any inspiration
You are just a sweet friend
Always there for me...
You are a comfortable touch
When I need to hug someone tightly
I need not frame sentences for you
While pouring my heart out
You can understand my tears
You understood my smiles
You can sit by my side to hold me
Or can walk with me for miles
You are not my love of life
Not any divine creation
But a sweet friend of mine
Always there for me....
I can be what I am
Whenever with you
I don’t feel the need to pretend
While talking to you
I may be gone away from you
Or you may be settled elsewhere
But I can say one thing for sure
You will always remember me
As a nice friend of yours
And I will always hope to see you once more
You are not my lost love
Not any magic or science
But, you are
And always will be
My sweet friend
Always there for me... :)