Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Life - An Imagination

Life सपनों और सच का Mix,

एक थोड़ी Unique सी Creation है,

जिसका हर आने वाला पल,

कुछ नयी सी Imagination है।

परियों की कहानी से प्यार था बचपन में,

राक्षस की Stories नहीं भाती थीं हमको,

डर को देखा कभी नहीं हमने,

पर डर के नाम से भी डर लगता था हमको,

Life हर पल में एक नयी Narration है,

ऐसी ही अनोखी कहानियों का एक Collection है,

जिसका हर आने वाला पल,

कुछ नयी सी Imagination है।

मन सोचे और सपने देखे,

अनोखे सपनों की अलग सी दुनिया,

जहाँ ख़ुशी का Addition & Multiplication,

और हर गम का Subtraction & Division है,

Life की बस ये ही तो एक छोटी सी Calculation है,

इसका हर आने वाला कल है मज़ेदार,

और कुछ नयी सी Imagination है।

Friday, 5 April 2013

'कौन' हूँ मैं ...

अगर रख सको तो एक निशानी हूँ मैं,

खो दो तो एक कहानी हूँ मैं ...

रोक पाए ना जिसको ये सारी दुनिया,

वो बंद अंखियों का पानी हूँ मैं ...

सब को प्यार देने की आदत है मुझे,

अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाने की एक जिद्द है मुझे … 

कितना ही गहरा ज़ख्म दे जाये कोई,

उतना ही ज्यादा मुस्कराने की आदत है मुझे … 

इस अजनबी सी दुनिया में, एक अकेला सा ख्वाब हूँ मैं,

सवालों से खफा-खफा, कोई छोटा सा जवाब हूँ मैं … 

जो समझ ही ना पाए, उनके लिए 'कौन' हूँ मैं, 

और जो समझ जाये, उसके लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं ...

आँखों से देखोगे तो हमेशा ही खुश पाओगे मुझे,

जब पूछोगे दिल से, तो दर्द का एक सैलाब हूँ मैं ...

अगर रख सको संभाल कर, तो एक अनमोल निशानी हूँ मैं,

खो दो अगर यूँ ही, तो एक अनसुनी कहानी हूँ मैं ...

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Naya Safar...Naye Raaste

Manzilon ki talaash me,

Hum jo tay karne chale safar,

Bhool hi gaye us dagar ko...

Jinse manzil tak ka raasta dikhaya,

Raasta jisne chalna sikhaya.

Jahan jo jab thokar lagi us raaste pe,

Toh apne kadmon ki aahat par vishwaas paya,

Us vishwaas ki binaah par hi toh daudne lage hum...

Bachpan ke sathiyon ko bhool,

Aur masoom shaitaniyon ko bhula,

Us undekhi manzil ko pane ki chaah liye,

Phir udne lage hum,

Badlon se halke pankhon pe sawaar,

Udne lage hawaon ki aashiyane mein.

Makhmale se sapno ka tana-bana liye,

Sir ko uncha kiye, nazron ko jhukana hi bhool gaye.

Hawa se aandhi bane apne khwabon ke peeche,

Bhool gaye ki nazar jhukane se thokar na lagegi...

Ki ye hawa phir jab rukegi,

Woh raaste hi honge haunsla bandhne wale.

Raaste jo mudte hain, judte hain...hazaron manzilon se,

Raaste jahan chalne, ladkhadane ka silsila thamta nahi,

Raaste jin par chal kar hi udna seekha hai aaj hum sabne,

Unhe bhool nahi sakte...

Un raaston pe lamhe jine ka alag hi hai maza hai,

Aaj un raaston pe chalne ki hi meri raza hai,

Sapne dekhte rehne ke liye raaste hi jaruri hain,

Manzil milne pe sapna hakeekat me tabdil ho,

Dhuyen ke gubbare sa fat jayga...

Raaston pe chalne se shayad,

Hamari nazar ka ye dhundlaka chat jayga,

Dekh payenge hum raaston pe chalkar hi,

Ki sapno ko pane se behtar hai,

Un sapno me apni zindagi basar kar lene me.

Is ummeed ko apni muskaan me samete

Aaj phir naye raste pe chalne ka nirnaya lete hain,

Chalo nayi dagar pe chalte hain...naya safar jeene ke liye...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

‘Un-friending’ Virtual Friends

Socializing and technology have been the most crucial differentiators that supported the exponential growth of the human race. The merger of these two concepts, resulting from the advent of the Internet, has revolutionized the way people interact and communicate. From chatting with your neighbor to catching up with an old friend living thousands of miles away, online socializing platforms allow users to interact from the comforts of their homes. It will not be an exaggeration to term this phenomenon, triggered by networking sites, as a Social Renaissance.

Facebook, the largest social media community in the world, has more than 500 million active users (as of October 2010). Considering this number, if Facebook were a country, it would have been the fourth largest in terms of population! The online media craze initiated by Facebook has been successfully endorsed by Twitter, YouTube and iPod apps.

Having said that, the real difference online social networking matrix brings to your life is still questionable. This is because individuals typically do not connect to everyone whom they have added to their friend list. The friend list is more about quantity than quality.

Online Social Networking – A Different World

Having a social networking account has almost become a necessity in order to express our opinions, to stay in touch with our friends or to post an alert about trivial actions during the day. But, have you ever given a serious thought to your friend list? Have you ever tried to remove a virtual friend off your list?

Last weekend, while updating my account on a social networking site, my friend list caught my attention all of a sudden. As I pondered over that, I realized that there were some friends with whom I had not had a hearty conversation for a while. These were friends who had either been sent a request to join by me or had sent me a request that I had accepted rather excitedly, thinking that I would converse with them in the future. But when I browsed through the names in my friend list, it came as a surprise to me that the number of actual friends or people with whom I had had a word recently was very small.

I felt the burden of guilt weighing on my heart for not being able to talk to other so-called friends. I say “so-called” because at that time having a friendly relationship seemed so virtual to me. The definition of virtual friends has become something different from the friends I like to hang out with.

There are so many persons like me who have a long list of such virtual friends and who, at one point of time, realize that their list has long gone beyond their intimate friends. It seemed to me that the relationships on such sites have quickly evolved from quality of friends to quantity.

I wondered why I did not eliminate such people from my friend list and why, in the first place, I was so anxious to join them when somewhere in my heart I knew that I will not talk to them except perhaps occasionally.

Obviously, not all of us kept the list so long because we all are smitten by the number mania (the more friends you have, the cooler you are). I think it’s just that we want to avoid the awkwardness of acting completely impersonal by removing people from our elaborate friend list. Just as we would get offended if someone with more than 500 friends eliminated us from their friend list.

I completely understand that selective discretion is crucial to the social networking system. However, even in this virtual environment, deleting friends without any explanation can turn out to be a jarring experience.

For me, this problem is actually too horrible to contemplate. Let’s try to post this on my page and see if any of my virtual friends can come up with a solution for this problem.

You guys get going. Try to unfriend a virtual friend from your list and please also post an alert for me if you know about how to get away from that horrible awkwardness later.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Masoom Boondein...

Sisakte hain, bilakhte hain
Meri aankhon mein jo palte hain
Behte hain paani jaise,
Kehte koi kahani jaise
Meri aankhon mein aankhein moonde-moonde
Palkon par bikhre, jaise oas ki boondein...

Tere haathon ki ungliyon par, kabhi moti jaise
Jab-jab meri sansein hain roti aise
Kabhi shaant se aankhon mein...burf se thande jaise
Kabhi beh jana chahte hain...meri aanhon ke jaise
Kabhi keh jaate hain dil ki baatein poori,
Kabhi jata jate hain meri koi tamanna adhoori...
Kabhi kisi aashaon par, bojh se lagte hain
Kabhi kisi chahaton ko poora sa karte hain...
Kabhi meri aatma ki dhara ko choona chahte hain jaise
Kabhi mere mann ki udaan tak pahunchna chahte hain jaise
Kabhi nirjhar behte hain
Apni hi pehchaan ke liye
Kabhi behte-behte ruk jaate hain
Masoom meri muskan ke liye
Kabhi behte hain toh,
Mere kitne haunslo ko todte hain
Kabhi na jane unjane
Kitne hi rishton ko jodte hain
Kabhi kitni hi tamannaon ko karte hain ravaan,
Kabhi meri tamannaon ke liye baandhate hain sama...
Dhadkano mein kho jate hain
Palkon mein hi so jate hain...
Kabhi meri aankhon ke, sath ye rote hain
Kabhi kitne suljhe toh, kabhi unsuljhe hote hain
Kabhi dhoop se sulagte hain
Kabhi chaaya mein bhi jhulaste hain
Sisakte hain, bilakhte hain
Meri aankhon me ye palte hain...

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Masoom Khushi..

Band darwazon me se khushi jhankti hai kahin,

Kholo zara parde,

Khushi ki kirno ko chehre pe bikhar jane do,

Hone do khud ko roobroo us masoom hasi se,

Pyari si muskurahat phir chehre pe khilkhilane do,

Aankhon se dil tak hai jo jati,

Aur phir dheeme se use sanson me samane do,

Goonj uthe woh hasi ki khanak

Pyara sa geet koi phir gungunane do

Meri aankhon se teri aankhon tak pahunche woh chamak

Sare gam bhool jane do

Hath thaam lo mera phir se

Aur khud ko khushi ki dunia me gum ho jane do

Apni khushi se banao apni pehchan nayi

Zindagi ko phir muskurane do....

Friday, 16 March 2012


For what reason, you broke my heart,
Tell me, what reason made you to flirt
With me, my innocent love and soul...
Memories of that love
Moments of that lovely time
Drain out my mind, my thoughts
Drench my heart and soul
Shake my feelings, cut me away
From the world else...
For a moment, made me
Nervous as a whole...
What reasons took you away
What reasons insist you to play
With me, my love and my feelings
Those were not made for anyone and everyone
Those were only for you...
I can't pass them to else somebody...
I cannot, but you may
Think of them as professional dealings
Today in yours, tomorrow in some other hands
I can't sell them, cannot even lend
Pure is my love & so are my feelings...
They were played with
Then hurt and broke...
Now need some pampering,
For they need healing
But they are not changed yet
And can't be healed in a sec
As they are real
And not merely a joke...
But then, my love needs you
To give the reasons
For whatever you did
As for that,
I do not have any single clue
One lie can break our relationship
But, if your love, your heart
And your feeling for me are not fake
Then for once, tell me everything true
As only truth, one truth
Can make my heart and me
To break all the walls in between
And come to you...
To delete away from your love
That 'fake' blot
Once and now, say truth
You really love me or not
Only that can make us truly "one"
And leave no space for fission
But then, that needs, my love
No lie, only truth
Only true and
Some untold reasons....